About Us

The Redmond Garden Club was established in October 1990. The club membership is limited to 50 members so the monthly membership meetings can be held in members’ homes. The club Membership Chair maintains a waiting list for those interested in joining the club. For information about membership, see our Join the Club page.

The objectives of the Redmond Garden Club are to:

  • Grow beautiful gardens
  • Arrange interesting programs and field trips
  • Recruit caring friends
  • Dedicate time and talent
  • Educate members on gardening issues
  • Nurture ecological awareness
Club Activities:
  • Monthly Guest Speakers
  • Garden Tours & Field Trips
  • Garden Workshops
  • Spring Plant Sale (May)
  • Summer Luncheon
  • Winterfest
Club Projects:
  • YWCA Family Village
  • Holiday Donation
  • Scholarships
Executive Board of Officers

President: Sue Sage
Vice-President: Karen Adams
Treasurer: Stan Giant
Events Manager: Maureen Fitzpatrick
Membership Coordinator: Cindy Bohnett
Secretary: Marilyn Pulk
Fundraising Chairs: Charles Zandell and John Lockwood

Contact Us

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact us at rgcwebmaster@yahoo.com.