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Dahlia-heads Alert

Lush, healthy dahlias require sturdy staking to stay upright, but they don’t need to be those brown wooden stakes that often end up rotting in the ground and falling over.  I discovered a much more attractive and durable way to corral those dahlias.  

Several years ago, I came across shower curtain rods at a rummage sale that were almost give-aways; but so artsy, I felt there was some use left in them, rather than simply a landfill.  I brought them home, slid these adjustable rods out into two rods with the attractive head facing up and inserted them into the ground next to new dahlia tubers. 

The glass magic wand look, although not quite Harry Potter-like (pictured) tends to catch the sun at certain times and appears almost like a gazing ball. The shorter tuber sporting a purplish bud is the late-to-the-party dahlia that has struggled with nibbles from bunnies and deer, but the stake is quite handsome awaiting the time when it grows up to be just right. 

In winter, you’re left with an assortment of metal posts that weather well and showcase just where those dahlia darlings will appear for their first dose of slug bait and fertilizer.  Cost-effective, a range of styles and colors and decorative to boot---a perfect complement to any dahlia bed. And the price was right

M.P., RGC Member / Author