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COMMON NAME Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

TYPE large scale, evergreen, tropical perennial with large lance – shaped leaves that will form a tree – like trunk over time. Flowers are borne in multiples from inside a horizontal boat shaped spathe on top of a stiff stem in June and July

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT best in containers kept in partially shaded borders and terraces

SOIL fertile, moist, well – drained soil

ZONE 11 – 15

SIZE 3’ – 15’

FLOWER COLOR a large horizontal boat – shaped green and orange spathe grows on a stiff stem in June or July inside of which a series of white flowers bloom in succession

NARRATIVE This plant needs protection from frosts and is best grown in a container so it can be brought indoors for the winter or into a temperate greenhouse. Outdoors it needs protection from strong winds which will tear the leaves. It needs a balanced fertilizer once a month, except during the winter and does best if repotted every 2 or 3 years. Water sparingly in winter. Suckers at the base of older plants can be potted up separately. Plants grown from seed can take 3 years to bloom. The flowers are fragrant and stems last a long time when cut for vases. This plant will add a bold tropical look to your borders or terrace plantings.