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Aralia Cordata 'Sun King'

Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ - Golden Japanese Spikenard Zone 4-9, Height 3’x3’ 

We may not be a plantsman like Dan Hinkley, who has imported the bigger brother of our plant for MONROVIA Nurseries called ‘Gotemba,’ (named for one of the trails that leads to Mt Fuji), but we can agree that this chartreuse beauty has fantastic hydrangea-like foliage and fast filler capability ( in just a season or two). If you can treat for slugs and snails, you are in for a botanic spectacle. I am growing one and love that it has super small flowers, loves light shade and is strictly deciduous which makes its arrival each year, even more wondrous. 


Just 3 feet tall and wide, this tough stalked, soft looking deciduous shrub might be a new companion to your workhorse hydrangeas. Listed as an herbaceous perennial, it can fit almost anywhere you have gaps and need a low, understory accent. Very unique plant! 

Care Information 

Best in average to rich soil with regular water and part sun. Leaves die off in winter and create a nice mulch around the base. Slug bait in March and June to keep soft foliage looking its best. I think of it like a coleus - keeping it not too hot, not too dry. A great new plant for our Northwest gardens 

Courtesy of S.W. Redmond Garden Club Member