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Darmera peltata

Umbrella plant Zone 5-8, Height : 5’x3’ 

Once a year, in early May, this strange and exotic flower stalk begins to emerge and shoot skyward above the other less vigorous low foliage. A large pinkish umbelled flower rises, slowly reaching for the warmer rays of spring’s light, unfurling as she climbs and sits atop this very sturdy, emerald green stalk at nearly 5 ft. tall. Its final act which gets better and bigger every year is a mid-green, umbrella-shaped leaf which can easily canopy over its shorter neighbors, catching the scant raindrops for its large tubered rhizome. Exhausted, but fully formed by June, it settles into the border, takes a much-needed rest standing as a perfect sentinel over our shade garden until fall. 

Care Information 

Provide rich, acidic, well-drained soil. Shelter from harsh sun and winds. Water well and regularly in first two growing seasons, especially to establish a good root system. No known pests and disease is infrequent. Site near a pool, in a bog garden, in a wetter shade area that needs deciduous height or the back of a vertically-challenged low bed needing some pop. If you provide rich, moist soil and part shade, you are all set. It’s a good western U.S. native perennial. 

Courtesy of S.W. Redmond Garden Club member