RGC PLANT SALE OPENS 2022 -- May 7, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM



All members pitch in to fund our fun at our yearly plant sale. The Redmond Garden Club plant sale attracts new and returning shoppers. Customers enjoy a

wide variety of plants to choose from and members are eager to impart their knowledge and experiences.

A fun day had by all and all hands on deck make a big job easy. 


In conjunction with the Redmond Garden Club plant sale, our on-site Garage Sale recycles garden related items and treasures. One gardener's junk is another gardener's treasure. More fun for all. Yes, we negotiate too.

SUMMER Luncheon & Winterfest

Twice a year, Redmond Garden Club members gather to enjoy the season and mutual company. Potluck or catered, in a members' home or garden, members and guests are invited to enjoy each other and time together. When gardeners get together there is always something to chat about. Need we say more? Yes, we will!