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COMMON NAME false cypress “Splitrock” Blue Hinoki

ZONE 4-9, Height 8’ x 4’

The bluest of all Hinoki cypress, this slow-growing, green and blue foliaged tree is very unique and evergreen. It has both green adult foliage and blue juvenile foliage, giving it a great textural interest. A relatively low maintenance shrub, this is A Great Plant Pick as well.

CARE INFO Dwarf “Splitrock” Hinoki cypress will grow best in full sun but tolerates light to open shade. It adapts to a variety of soils, from sandy sites to clay, provided the location is well-drained. Once established it is very drought tolerant, requiring little to no summer watering even during prolonged droughts. It requires little pruning and heavy pruning can ruin its unique appearance. Only prune to remove dead, broken, or poorly formed branches.

Planting near dark green backgrounds creates good contrast. Yellows, golds and silvers are good colors nearby. I moved mine around to several spots before planting to highlight its great shape and color.