RGC PLANT SALE OPENS 2022 -- May 7, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Enjoy the many benefits our Club has to offer. We invite you to join our enthusiastic 50-member group.

Redmond Garden Club is a dynamic environment for garden enthusiasts looking to meet new garden friends to work proactively to achieve the goals of our Mission Statement.

Meet others who share a passion for gardening.

    Hear informative monthly lectures by expert gardeners and quality speakers.

    Receive our colorful, online monthly newsletter, "The Bramble Summerfest and Winterfest (Winter Solstice), where we celebrate the seasons.

    Learn new garden techniques or create decorative and useful garden object at our workshops. Join fellow gardeners on garden tours and field trips around the region.

    Offer opportunities to our community including acquiring plants at our annual Spring Plant Sale, offering Horticultural Scholarships, or helping support Community Donations.

    Join fellow enthusiasts on garden tours, private and public, and organized field trips around the region. 

    A Note About COVID 19 

    Club activities have been minimized for member safety. A few activities are still suspended, others have been replaced by virtual technologies. Some have entirely returned to normal.

    We look forward to returning all applicable activities to traditional format after the danger of COVID is behind us.

    If you’d like to add your name to our waiting list, email your contact info to: redmondgardenclubwa@gmail.com

    Our Membership Chair will respond to your interest in our club.