Garden Tours

As part of the Redmond Garden Club, we share our gardens within our community throughout the year where we can learn from each other. A snippet of spectacular fall color follows from member, KM's, garden.

Color and more Color.
We take a look at KM’s garden tour with so many luscious specimen maples in full colorful regalia, which is enough of a breathtaking centerpiece to relish in only a few short weeks. RGC members who were lucky enough to have visited 'K's' vibrant maple leaf displays even in the rainy season, were blown away just as the windy days were about to bounce the leaves around. 'K' was right to delay a visit timed to the auburn and old gold, mahogany and wine blazing leaf colors. And then there were those bonsai maple specimens… moved to eye-level appreciation. Eye-popping.

The topping on the Asian-themed garden cake is that spectacular Torii gate, that has since been painted an amazing red that contrasts so well with this fall color. Torii gates represent the border between the secular and the sacred worlds of the Shinto religion. The gates act as a passageway into a shrine’s sacred space. Thanks to 'K's', who shared her “sacred space”. It was a delight to behold all of these majestic maples. Worthy of a repeat fall visit (for RGC Garden Members only).

Excerpt from article by M.P.