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COMMON NAME Angel’s Trumpets, Datura

TYPE evergreen, woody, shrub – like container plant with dark green leaves and large pendulous, trumpet shaped flowers

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT full sun to part shade in borders, or on terraces. best as container plant

SOIL fertile, moist, well – drained soil

ZONE 11 – 15

SIZE 4’ – 5’

FLOWER COLOR 6” to 8” long, bright yellow, fragrant, pendulous, tubular flowers, singly, growing from many leaf axils at once from mid - summer into fall

NARRATIVE This plant needs winter protection from frosts and is best grown in containers that can be brought indoors or into a temperate greenhouse in late fall. Withhold excessive water in winter. Can be set into partly shaded flower and shrub borders for the summer or kept on a terrace. Usually blooms late summer into fall with very fragrant large flowers, most pronounced in the evening. Blooms best when fertilized with balanced fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season. Can be pruned to shape anytime.