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TYPE rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial with large paddle shaped red – tinged leaves enclosing an erect flower stem of loosely clustered tubular orange flowers at the top

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT in the ground in sunny borders or in containers, moist areas

SOIL moist, well – drained soil

ZONE 8 – 11

SIZE 3’ – 4’

FLOWER COLOR brilliant orange tubular flowers in loose clusters at top of erect tall stems in August until late fall

NARRATIVE A beautiful tropical looking plant that can be grown in the ground if protected with dry mulch in winter. This canna offers a contrasting leaf color to the green leaved varieties. The tuberous roots can be dug up and stored in frost free area, covered in moist material for the winter. Grows slowly and usually blooms by August until fall. Dead heading will encourage more blooms. Fertilize with balanced fertilizer every few weeks in the growing season. Keep well - watered. Rhizomes can be split up in spring or fall making sure each piece has an “eye” or growth bud. Rabbit resistant.