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Cornus Stolonifera

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COMMON NAME Dogwood, Red-osier Dogwood

TYPE deciduous shrub, bright red stems, dark green leaves, vigorous spreader by suckers

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT sun to part shade, shrubbery border, woodland, wet boggy areas,

SOIL moist, acidic to neutral, tolerates wet soils

ZONE 3 - 8

SIZE 4’ - 6’

FLOWER COLOR 2” wide flat white flowers on white cymes, followed by blue tinged white berries

NARRATIVE In the fall, its leaves turn red-orange. In the winter the branches turn brilliant red putting on a elegant seasonal show. Especially stunning planted with a dark, evergreen background or back lit from the sun. New shoots emerge each year with dark green leaves. Older branches lose their red color as they age. Best to prune these off in early spring to encourage fresh new red stem growth. Cornus will form a dense thicket if left unmanaged.