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COMMON NAME Cyclamen Hederifolium

TYPE Tuberous perennial, deciduous, lance shaped dark green leaves with very pronounced silver markings

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT full shade to part shade, under trees, open shrubbery border, woodland

SOIL fertile, moist, well-drained soil, drought tolerant

ZONE 5 - 7

SIZE 4” – 5”

FLOWER COLOR dark pink widely opened flowers on short stems in mid-summer into fall. Blooms before leaves emerge

NARRATIVE Prolific early fall to late fall bloomer. Sometimes fragrant flowers. Self-sows freely. Leaves emerge as flowers fade and last throughout winter. Plant tubers at soil surface and mulch with leaf mulch. Divide clumps in early spring as leaves drop off. Drought tolerant. Protect from excessive moisture in winter. Deer resistant. Not bothered by insect pests.