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Ophiopogon Planiscapus

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COMMON NAME Lilyturf, Black Lilyturf, Mondo Grass, Black Mondo grass

TYPE evergreen, rhizomatous, clump forming, spreading perennial with strap – like very dark purplish – green almost black leaves

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT full sun to part shade, border edging, groundcover, woodland, containers

SOIL fertile, humus rich, moist, well – drained soil

ZONE 6 – 11

SIZE 8” – 10”

FLOWER COLOR tiny purple tinged flower clusters on short stems in summer follower by dark purple – blue berries in fall

NARRATIVE This plant makes a good part shade loving ground cover with winter interest of dark berries. It will quickly multiply into a mat of many clumps which can be divided in Spring. It will also self - seed. It is drought tolerant once established and also deer and rabbit resistant. The dark foliage makes a good contrast to light green, chartreuse or grey foliage in the garden as well as with brightly colored flowers and red foliage.