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TYPE clump forming, deciduous, herbaceous perennial with tuberous root stems

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT best in sun to part shade, in sunny perennial and shrub borders,

SOIL deep, fertile, moist well – drained soil

ZONE 3 – 8

SIZE 2’ – 3’

FLOWER COLOR full, double flowers, can be either white, pink or red in color. Flowers singly on top of stiff stems, sometimes with smaller secondary buds in leaf axils

NARRATIVE Plant has dark green leaves from spring through late fall. Can make a large lush clump of foliage. Flower stems form in late spring through early summer. Flower stems usually need staking since flowers are large and full. Needs protection from strong winds. Tubers must be planted 2” below soil surface with eyes pointed up, or the plant will not bloom. Plants are long lived and resent disturbance. They can be divided in early fall but may not bloom the first year.