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COMMON NAME Fleeceflower, Knotweed, Jumpseed

TYPE rhizomatous, spreading, deciduous, shade tolerant perennial with green leaves. With more sun, leaves have dark green markings. Has spikes of arching stems with tiny dark pink flowers

GROWN ENVIRONMENT shade or part – sun borders, woodland, ground cover, moist areas, meadows

SOIL moist, well – drained soil

ZONE 5 – 9

SIZE 2’ – 3’

FLOWER COLOR tiny dark pink flowers along arching green stems from mid – summer through late fall

NARRATIVE This plant brings late season color to borders and woodlands. Mingles well with tall grasses and tall late season perennials and can be used as a ground cover. Fast growing and can become invasive in moist soils. Fall color of leaves is sometimes tinged with red.