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Phormium Nana Aurea

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COMMON NAME Dwarf New Zealand Flax

TYPE evergreen, rhizomatous, clumping plant with spikey green leaves with creamy white edges

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT sunny and part shaded borders, terraces, containers, rock gardens, xeriscaping, seaside gardens

SOIL fertile, moist, well – drained soil, salt tolerant

ZONE 8 – 9

SIZE 12”

FLOWER COLOR Blooms in mid - summer with creamy yellow tubular flowers on erect stalks

NARRATIVE This plant provides a nice color contrast to other non – variegated foliage in borders. The flowers attract hummingbirds to the garden and last several weeks. Evergreen variegated foliage provides winter interest and it is drought tolerant once established. It is fast growing and may be divided in spring. May be cut to the ground to encourage fresh growth. Deer resistant and rabbit resistant. Protect from excessive winter moisture and use leaf mulch to protect roots from extreme cold when necessary.