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Rumex Sanguineus

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COMMON NAME Dock, Red Veined Dock, Bloody Dock

TYPE rosette forming, tap rooted, herbaceous perennial with large lance - shaped bright green leaves with pronounced red veining

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT sunny borders, woodlands, stream – sides

SOIL ordinary well – drained soils, will tolerate wet areas

ZONE 6 – 8


FLOWER COLOR tiny brownish – red flowers are borne on red tinted stems in lose clusters in early summer

NARRATIVE This plant provides good contrasting leaf color. It mingles well with tall perennials and grasses and self – seeds freely. It may be divided every few years. There is winter interest in dark red – brown berries that the follow the red summer flowers. Self – seeds freely. Drought tolerant once established. Contact with leaves may irritate the skin of some people. Deer resistant and rabbit resistant.