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TYPE deciduous, clump forming, perennial with succulent leaves

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT sun or part shade, perennial border, shrub border, rock garden

SOIL moderately fertile, well – drained, slightly alkaline soil, amended with sand or grit

ZONE 3 – 8

SIZE 18” – 24”

FLOWER COLOR flat – topped clusters of tiny dark pink flowers are borne on top of each erect stem in late summer, early fall. During the fall the flowers change to bronze – red and remain through the winter

NARRATIVE Thick stems grow from the fleshy basal crown of the plant with dark green succulent leaves. During the growing season fertilize lightly to promote bloom. Protect from excessive wet soil in winter. Can be divided in spring. Usually self – seeds. Stems and flowers remain all winter providing interesting shapes in the garden. Rabbit resistant. Drought tolerant.