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Sorbaria Sorbifolia

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COMMON NAME False Spirea, Ural False Spirea

TYPE tall, woody, deciduous, suckering perennial with long dark green pinnate leaves

GROWTH ENVIRONMENT sunny borders, woodlands, wet areas

SOIL moist, well – drained soils, prefers slightly alkaline soils

ZONE 2 – 9

SIZE 5’ – 6’

FLOWER COLOR 10” long panicles of tiny white flowers at the tips of stems in mid to late summer

NARRATIVE This woody plant spreads by suckering, forming thickets. A prolific bloomer, it makes a good background planting for borders and woodlands. Drought tolerant once established and is deer resistant and rabbit resistant. Blooms in late summer and is tolerant of wet areas. May be divided by cutting off rooted suckers in fall or spring.