2016 Plant Sale

The 2016 RGC Plant Sale will be held on May 7th, the  Saturday before Mother’s Day.  Check the Annual Plant Sale page to view or print a copy of the flyer, or check the Plant Sale Plant List 2016 page to see what was offered for sale last year. We will be posting our 2016 list as we get closer to the sale.



The 2015 Plant Sale offered over 1600 plants for sale and 2014, pictured below, offered over 1500.

2014 Plant Sale


Welcome to the RGC website, where we will share information about our annual Plant Sale, topics covered by our monthly Guest Speakers, interesting plants, gardening tips, and recommended books. We will also post our Plant Sale Plant List for members to keep track of what we have or need, and shoppers to know ahead of time what will be offered for sale. We hope the website is a useful resource for both RGC members and our neighbors and community. Contact us at rgcwebmaster@frontier.com or go to our Join the Club page for information about membership.

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